Logo’s & Branding

Xtreme IT  provides competitive branding services by approaching each project with an in depth consultation during which an image and slogan are custom created.

Branding is generally included in your web design package; however, some businesses approach Xtreme IT for our branding services alone. We produce business cards, brochures, flyers or any other kind of print design.

Company Logo Design & brand design

First impressions matter and your logo is the first thing people see. On a website, business card or even on a retail sign, a potential customer’s reaction either drives them in or away. A professional designed logo and branding not only demonstrates that your company is established, it makes you memorable and distinguishes you from your competition. Custom Software can take your company brand to the next level and make you unique to the world.

Capability Brochures

How do you separate your company from competition? Custom company capability brochures are a key strategic marketing collateral that can stand your company out from the rest in the competitive market. At Xtreme IT, our creative staff will work directly with you to create a vision and a branding personality you need to succeed.

Business Cards

Custom business cards are the foundation of solid marketing material. The first thing you do when you meet a potential client is to hand them a business card. What does your current card say about your business? Less eye catching or just plain ugly cards severely devalue your business in the eyes of the consumer.   Xtreme IT’s highly skilled and creative team of graphic designers can bring your business cards to life and grow your business.